"Who likes having their photograph taken? If most of you did Kate Moss and Co. would fighting to keep their place on the front cover of Vogue! Photography is an integral part of many businesses, for others a support to marketing plans. For me it was the latter and I truly dreaded the time I needed to spend in the studio, because I don't have a 'good side' to be captured. My worry was wasted energy because Ikon's photographer made the time productive, enjoyable and actually proved me wrong, he found my 'good side' and I was delighted with the results. Time spent at Ikon's studio enlightened me to their talents in photography, I saw some great industrial shots as well as commercial images. If your business needs a 'good eye' and 'creative flair' behind the camera, may I suggest you invest in a call to Ikon."
- Christine Knot, Beyond the Box

Industrial Location Photography

We specialise in bespoke industrial photography, creating images working to promote business, products and people. From simple industrial studio photography, to controlled, creative lighting in challenging environments, we are happy to make your vision a reality.

At IKON we specialises in all aspects of industrial location photography throughout the UK, Europe, and America. Our specialist industrial photographers will lead you through the process helping to insure that everything is in place to guarantee a successful shoot.

An Ikon Industrial photographer will ensure that you achieve the best Industrial photography from your environment, giving you images that will help put you ahead of your competition. Our service offers fantastic value combined with a cutting edge contemporary style.

What sets us apart is our ability to take the time to understand your business and your industrial process to deliver a service tailored to your requirements.

Click on the gallery link to view a selection of our work and then call us to discuss how we can help you to market your business, product or service through the use of creative photography.

IKON Industrial photography is part of The IKON Partnership Group, with a 4000sq ft studio facility.

IKON is a partnership of like minded industrial photographers who understand the needs of changing needs of industry.